Jacobs Introduces Measure to Hold Governor Cuomo Accountable

February 23, 2021
Press Release


(Erie County, N.Y.) – Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) is releasing the following statement after the House Committee on the Budget met yesterday for the markup of the COVID-19 budget reconciliation package. During the hearing, Jacobs introduced a proposal to provide needed accountability for state nursing home death disclosures.


“Our Government and its leaders have a responsibility to be honest and transparent. Unfortunately, it has become clear that has not been the case with the Cuomo administration and during the COVID pandemic. Governor Cuomo’s attempts to coverup the actual number of nursing home deaths in New York represent a serious betrayal of the public trust. At yesterday’s budget hearing I introduced a proposal to build additional safeguards into the new COVID relief legislation to protect families in New York and around the country, and to ensure our governmental leaders will be honest and transparent with the citizens they are sworn to serve and protect.


Jacobs introduced a motion to instruct, which if passed, would have built in a provision requiring all governors to submit written certifications confirming the number of nursing home deaths as a result of COVID-19 in their state is accurate before receiving aid.