Community Project Funding Requests

Project Title: Niagara Orleans Wireless Broadband Initiative

Proposed Recipient: Niagara County and Orleans County

Recipient Address: 14016 Route 31 W, Suite 201, Albion, NY 14411

Amount: $3,877,500

Explanation: This money will be used to deploy a wireless broadband network across Niagara County, NY and Orleans County, NY. These counties have teamed together to work with a wireless broadband provider to provide internet speeds from 25-100Mbps across large swaths of the county that are currently under- or unserved by adequate broadband service. It is a good use of taxpayer dollars because – as the pandemic has highlighted – broadband internet is no longer a luxury for any American. This proposal will deliver broadband-speed internet service to most of the county at competitive prices in the space of months, if approved.

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Project Title: GLOW YMCA Healthy Living Campus

Proposed Recipient: GLOW YMCA

Recipient Address: 209 East Main Street, Batavia, NY 14020

Amount: $900,000

Explanation: This request seeks $900,000 for the construction of the GLOW YMCA Health Living Campus. The GLOW YMCA serves Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, and Wyoming Counties in rural New York and is working to renovate its central location in non-metro Batavia, New York in partnership with the United Memorial Medical Center to create a healthy community cornerstone campus along Main Street Batavia. The current YMCA building is in need of significant renovation. With the opportunity to reimagine the YMCA, a partnership with the UMMC was formed in order to provide a wide continuum of healthcare, wellness and community for the people of Batavia and the surrounding region.

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Project Title: Lockport Memorial Hospital Campus of Mount St. Mary's Hospital

Proposed Recipient: Mount St. Mary's Hospital of Niagara Falls

Recipient Address: 5300 Military Rd. Lewiston, NY, 14092

Amount: $1,980,872

Explanation: This request seeks $1,980,872 to purchase capital equipment for the Lockport Memorial Hospital Campus of Mount St. Mary’s Hospital. Catholic Health plans to preserve hospital services in Eastern Niagara County while expanding access to health care preventative services. The plan would liquidate and dissolve the Eastern Niagara Hospital Corporation and result in the construction of a new state-of-the-art facility to be owned and operated by Catholic Health. In November 2019, Eastern Niagara Hospital (ENH) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after facing years of losses and on-going cash flow challenges. If this situation continued, EHN would have needed to close their doors by the end of 2020. This would have resulted in no hospital beds, limited public health services and a significant decrease in jobs in Lockport. In the Fall of 2020, Eastern Niagara’s board made a unanimous decision to be proactive and approve an agreement with Catholic Health and advance a new and innovative care model. This decision was made in order to preserve critical health care services for the over 84,000 residents of eastern Niagara County. The proposed facility will be known as “The Lockport Memorial Hospital Campus of Mount St. Mary’s Hospital,” and will be the county’s first Micro-hospital. Micro-hospitals are small-scale inpatient facilities on two to three-story buildings built on 20,000 to 50,000-square foot spaces that offer a wide range of medical services in a small, community setting. Micro-Hospitals reflect an emerging trend throughout the country because they are able to expand services and fill gaps in markets where there is not enough demand to support a traditional hospital.

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Project Title: Sturgeon Point Marina

Proposed Recipient: Town of Evans

Recipient Address: 8787 Erie Road, Angola, NY 14006

Amount: $1,700,000

Explanation: $1,700,000 to fund a feasibility study, market demand analysis, coastal modeling and engineering, and construction for repairing and rehabilitating the breakwater and harbor at the Sturgeon Point Marina. The project would be a valuable use of taxpayer funds because Sturgeon Point Marina is a major focal point for boating and fishing access to Lake Erie, located 17 miles southwest of the City of Buffalo and 22 miles northeast of the City of Dunkirk. Beyond being a major recreational resource, the Marina is also the only harbor of refuge along the 30 miles of shoreline between Buffalo Harbor and the Cattaraugus Creek/Sunset Bay Harbor. The Marina also provides critical access to the water for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Town of Evans Police, and the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Project Title: Dansville YMCA Branch

Proposed Recipient: Hornell Area YMCA

Recipient Address: 18 Center Street, Hornell, NY 14843

Amount: $105,500

Explanation: This request seeks $105,500 to equip the new Dansville YMCA branch. The Hornell Area Family YMCA, with local community partners, will open a branch in Dansville. The Y will offer programs in the former Dansville High School. The Y is preparing to start operations as soon as pandemic restrictions are lifted, and a branch committee of local volunteers has formed to provide governance. This request is to purchase essential equipment to establish Y programs for immediate start-up of branch operations. The project includes two departments: fitness and arts. Together, these departments nurture the mind, body, and spirit of community members of all ages. The fitness department will maintain cardio and strength equipment for individual workouts and personal training; group classes; and specialized equipment for chronic disease management and prevention programs. The arts department spans art, craft, music, theatre, and STEAM/makerspace and supervises a food and nutrition program; this request is for essential equipment and supplies for these programs.

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Project Title: Canandaigua Trolley

Proposed Recipient: Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority

Recipient Address: 1372 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14609

Amount: $1,200,000

Explanation: This funding would support the deployment of a trolley system in the City of Canandaigua in NY-27. The funding would allow for the purchase of three trolley styled buses and related infrastructure such as a trolley service hub and trolley stop shelters. The project would be a valuable use of taxpayer funds because the trolley service will increase the ease in which visitors to Canandaigua can navigate the region. This will result in a better experience for tourists while increasing business for local shops, restaurants, wineries, and breweries.

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Project Title: Cornell Cooperative Extension Ag/Tech Community Response & Learning Center

Proposed Recipient: Cornell Cooperative Extension Association of Orleans County

Recipient Address:  12690 NY Route 31, Albion, NY 14411

Amount: $505,909

Explanation: This funding would support the construction of the CCE Ag/Tech Community Response & Learning Center, a 3,200 sq-foot all season (drive-through) community response & learning center for vaccine clinics, mammogram clinics, rabies clinics, job fairs, and live events that includes a learning sector for Science/Tech/Ag/Arts/& Robotics on the CCE 4-H Fairgrounds. Funding request includes new ADA-compliant restrooms and facility-wide septic to meet DOH requirements. This community center is a good use of taxpayer dollars because it will serve as a hub for community events and services for this rural community that would otherwise have to travel a minimum of 40 minutes to Rochester or Buffalo to access these essential resources.

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Project Title: Erie Canal Lockport Flight of Five Locks Rehabilitation

Proposed Recipient: Lockport Locks Heritage District Corporation

Recipient Address: 1 Locks Plaza, Lockport, NY, 14094

Amount: $5,400,000

Explanation: This funding will support the final phase of the redevelopment of the Erie Canal Flight of Five Locks. The project would serve as a major economic development driver in Lockport, which has been working to complete the renovation of the Flight of Five since 2003. The project will also have the added benefit of preserving and leveraging Lockport's deep Erie Canal heritage.

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Project Title: Royalton-Hartland Agriculture Center for Excellence Outdoor Learning Lab

Proposed Recipient: Royalton-Hartland Central School District

Recipient Address: 54 State Street, Middleport, NY 14105

Amount: $687,580

Explanation: This funding will support the development and construction of an Agriculture Center for Excellence that will provide students with the relevant skills and hands-on training needed to pursue sustainable careers in the evolving local agriculture industry. The project will support and wok with the primary industry of the surrounding community and create an additional pathway for young people to get into agriculture and farming.

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Project Title: Wyoming County Fire Training Center

Proposed Recipient: County of Wyoming

Recipient Address: 151 N Main Street, Warsaw, NY 14569

Amount: $796,385

Explanation: This funding will be used to renovate and expand the county’s facility for fire training, back up 911 dispatch center, and Emergency Operations Center. It is a good use of taxpayer dollars because it supports the readiness of fire, police, emergency, and other medical personnel in Wyoming County, NY.

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